The research activities of members of the Center for Environmental Geology and Cartography have allowed the status of Research Group, called the Research Group for Applied and Environmental Geology – Gaia (2009 SGR 1199).

The scientific objectives of the research group are:

1 .- To consolidate the research in the field of Applied and Environmental Geology, giving them a greater orientation in the fields of scientific work related to the study of geological processes and resources, especially those associated with water resources, focusing on the study of risk and vulnerability of the environment in various anthropogenic pressures.

2 .- To improve the analytical capabilities and acquisition of field data character hydrological (flow measurements, hydrochemical analysis, …) and geophysical (electrical methods, seismic, electromagnetic, and tomographic) and its subsequent treatment (systems geographic information and mapping, hydrological modeling, advanced statistical analysis, …) to allow increased opportunities for research and knowledge transfer to society.

3 .- Actively participate in the call for application for grants and research development at regional, national and European level.

4 .- To increase the group’s presence in the field of national and international research, fostering exchanges and projects with institutions, and increasing the dissemination of results in international indexed publications and conferences. Acquire leadership by organizing conferences on specific topics related to research next years, for example in relation to the analysis of the vulnerability of the quality of water resources.

5 .- Given the current experience of the members in the knowledge of local geology, we aim to become a reference group of those questions in different areas related to geology and environment in Catalonia, and encourage their dissemination in society without sacrificing export the results of research and collaborations with other national or international teams.

6 .- To strengthen the training capacity of the group to attract PhD students in collaboration with R & D projects.

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