As a member of the IT Network TECN10 program of the Generalitat of Catalonia, the Center for Environmental Geology and Cartography has a quality policy, expressed in the following terms:

Geocamb offers all its human and technological resources to companies that require their expertise and their potential for the provision of services and technological innovation in the fields of Geology and Environmental Mapping. Aiming to provide solutions that meet both the needs and expectations of our customers as those of the general public, it assumes the following commitments:

* Transferring our knowledge and technology in the field of Applied Geology with a strong orientation to business and public administrations, as well as to the training of future professionals.

* Promoting innovation in the business world through research and methodologies aimed at solving problems of geological, and boosting our presence in  prestigious professional and technical publications.

* Participate in the evaluation of the geological heritage of our country and respect the environment and the environment in the development of all our activities.

* Encourage the involvement and active participation of our staff and partners in the innovative work of the center. In this sense, Geocamb contributes  in personal and professional development of its members, promoting continuous knowledge acquisition, strengthening its capabilities and offering a good working environment to ensure adequate conditions of safety and health.

* Implement and maintain a Quality Management System based on the continuous improvement of our processes and activities, thereby increasing our permanent quality standards.

* Establish a management strategy to optimize  marketing activities, facilitating relations with stakeholders and improving our committment in a changing and increasingly global.

* Identify the needs and requirements of our customers and the social partners (companies, institutions, individuals) to achieve maximum satisfaction from them, and to establish mechanisms to understand and comply with regulatory requirements that apply to organization.

* Maintain confidentiality in all projects and services in which Geocamb involved through appropriate mechanisms and agreed with the companies.

The principles and commitments assumed in this Quality Policy constitute the framework for the definition of quality objectives of Geocamb.

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