The Centre for Research in Environmental Geology and Cartography (GEOCAMB) of the University of Girona is based on extensive knowledge of the physical environment and the dynamics of active processes in response to a variety of problems of particular social, economic and environment.

Within the Department of Environmental Sciences, especifically in the field of of Applied Geology, the Center has placed special emphasis on aspects related to thematic mapping, soil mechanics, environmental impact assessment, natural hazards, surface and ground water resources, and restoration of the environment, among many others. The group constitutes a team of experienced researchers at field and laboratory levels, with the necessary facilities to develop applied research.

The Centre is open to collaborate with industries, consulting firms and public administration sectors, and give them a quick, concrete and satisfactory answer to their needs. Assignments and projects are established with our customers through University-Agent agreements, adjusted to the particular objectives, terms and specifications agreed upon in advance.

The Centre for Research in Environmental Geology and Cartography (GEOCAMB) is part of the IT Network – Tecnio 10 of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

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