General @en / 10 January 2018

Two new MINECO projects launch in 2018

This 2018 launches two MINECO “Retos Investigación” with leadership and participation of Geocamb researchers. Here they are:


IMPACT – Impact of agricultural pollution on the hydrochemical (nitrates, antibiotics) and microbiological (resistance genes) of groundwater: hydrogeological conditions of their presence, vulnerability analysis and efficient selection of sampling points, and its socio-economic valuation.

MINECO – Retos CGL2017-87216-C4-4-R Total : 104.665€. PI: Josep Mas-Pla (Geocamb-UdG, ICRA) Coordination action with UB, UCLM y UPC. Coordinator: A. Soler Gil (UB).

Development of methodologies for mapping, characterizing, monitoring and predicting sinkholes in epigene and hypogene karst systems


MINECO – Retos CGL2017-85045-P Total: 121,000€.

PI: Francisco Gutiérrez (UNIZAR)

Coordination action with UNIZAR, UAB, UdG, Florida Atlantic University, UK, CENIEH i Geological Survey of Israel

Credits: Carles Roqué


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