General @en / 26 October 2015
Baix Ter

Workshop on Groundwater and Wetlands

GEOCAMB researchers involved in organizing and conducting the conference “Aguas Subterráneas y Zonas Húmedas” organized by the International Association of Hydrogeology (Spanish group) to be held in Girona on 26-27 November 2015.

For registration, please contact:

Check out the program at this link:  2ªCircularAS-HumedalesGirona.

General @en / 27 November 2013
IGC-Mapa Geològic 1:25000 Salt

Geocamb contributes to the discussion about the futur of the Catalonia Geological Survey


On November 20, it was held at the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Geology of the University of Barcelona, ​​an event about the importance of having an independent geological survey, and which functions should it develop. Professional geologists, technicians and academics participated in this vindicative act derived from the recent merge of the current Geological Institute of Catalonia within the Cartographic Institute of Catalonia.

The Research Group Geocamb contributed with a talk by D. Brusi around the role of the Geological Survey in Catalonia.

The main content of this act is summarized in the following link: Resum Acte IGC Nov 2013

General @en / 12 November 2013
Adv Engineering

A paper by Geocamb appears highlighted in the “Advances in Engineering” webpage

The webpage Advances in Engineering highlights the paper by Geocamb “Anticipating the effects of groundwater withdrawal on Seawater intrusion and soil settlement in urban coastal areas”, recently published in Hydrological Processes which evaluates the effects of saltwater intrusion in Sant Antoni de Calonge.


Link to publication:

General @en / 29 April 2013

On Friday, April 19, the authors David Soler, Louis Straw and David blouse will preent the a book on the geology of the massif and Guillerias Collsacabra edited by Geocamb. The book includes a thorough description of the area geology as well as several geological field-trips in the study area .
The presentation will be at 12 am in the Assembly Hall of the Faculty of Sciences and will be attended by the Rector, Dr. Anna M. Geli.

General @en / 21 February 2013

Get the book “Gestión ambiental integrada de áreas costeras”, edited by Geocamb, in pdf format

The book “Gestión ambiental integrada de áreas costeras” includes several related studies in the context of an European project related to the management of coastal areas, both in the Iberian peninsula as well as in South America.

Edited by Geocamb and Università Ca Foscari de Venezia, originally published by Editorial Rubes in November 2009, we offer it now to readers in pdf format.

[Download the book here]

General @en / 16 November 2012
Syspir 1

A workshop in Girona presents the results of the SISPyr project

Results of the project SYSPyr, in which Geocamb has collaborated in the work of seismic zonation from surface geology knowledge and geotechnical data, provide mapping of seismic risk in the city of Girona.


General @en / 19 June 2012

Summer 2012 meeting contributions

In summer 2012, Geocamb researchers will contribute to the following meetings:

  • 7th EUropean congress on REgional GEOscientific cartography and Information systems. Bolonya, 12-15 Juny 2012.
  • Flowpath 2012. Percorsi di Idrogeologia, 1a edizione. Bolonya, 20-22 Juny 2012.
  • 7a Asamblea Hispano-Portuguesa de Geodesia y Geofísica, Donosti-San Sebastián, 25-29 juny 2012.
  • VIII Congreso Geológico de España. Oviedo, 17-19 Juliol 2012.
  • 39th International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH)-2012. Niagara Falls, 16-21 setembre 2012.
  • XII Reunión Nacional de Geomorfología. Santander,  17-21 setembre 2012.

More details at [Conference Proceedings].

General @en / 18 June 2012
Cross-section Strack

A study funded by a local institution is published in Hydrological Processes

The researchers Geocamb, in a transfer agreement with the City of Calonge, assessed the condition of water withdrawals near the coast associated with the construction of building basements in Sant Antoni de Calonge. Groundwater, pumping becomes necessary in order to deepen one or two level basements in new buildings causing soil settlements, sometimes damageing neighboring buildings, and generating local episodes of seawater intrusion marine that changes groundwater quality and increases its corrosive potential on building foundations. The technical report submitted to the City of Calonge was considered in the development plan and in reviewing permits for new buildings.

The publication in the journal Hydrological Processes, entitled “Anticipating the effects of groundwater withdrawal on Seawater intrusion and soil settlement in urban coastal areas”, presents the problem description, field data and a new methodology to predict the effects of pumping in coastal areas on the quality of hydrological resources, associated with increased salinity, and on the stability of buildings near the coastline affected by the decline of groundwater level.

Hydrological Processes is a journal with an impact factor in 2,068 of the Water Resources section of the Science Citation Index, and located on the site 10 of 75 (1st quartile) referenced publications.

General @en / 25 October 2011

Geolo/MUN 2011: Low temperature geothermal systems


Continuing the conference Geol/MUN, Geocamb organizes, on 13 December 2011, the conference “Use of geothermal energy of low temperature” addressed to all professionals interested in the renewable energy sector, and focusing in the scientific, technical and economic aspects of geothermal energy.

More information and registration: Geol / MUN 2011.


Download the presentations of the conference at website: Ponències / Fòrum.

General @en / 28 June 2011
Albera Range

Contributions to meetings

In July 2011,  Geocamb researchers have contributed to the following meetings: Symposium for European Freshwater Sciences and XIII Reunión Nacional del Cuaternario.

Also, several other contributions were presented in the 9th International Symposium on Applied Isotope Geochemistry, hold in September 19-23, 2011.

More information at [Conference Proceedings]

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