The Center for Environmental Geology and Cartography assumes the organization of scientific activities, training and / or dissemination of Geology in the immediate context, in order to transmit to society the relevance of this science in the development of economical activities and in the preservation of the environment.


2008.- La Geologia al Servei de la Societat.

2010.- Geolo/MUN: Geologia i Gestió Municipal.

2011.- Geolodia 2011: De les profunditats de la Terra a la vora del mar. Itinerari geològic pel camí de ronda de S’Agaró.

2011.- Geolo/MUN 2011: Aprofitament energètic de la geotèrmia de baixa temperatura.



Workshop “La Geologia al Servei de la Societat”. 12 Desember 2008



18:00h – 18:20h

Opening of the conference, attended by Dr. Anna MariaGeli, Rector of the University of Girona, Mr. Albert Bou, President of the Board of Trustees and Mr. Pere Condom, director of the Science and Technology Park at UdG.

18:20h – 18:30h

Presentation of the Center for Environmental Geology and Cartography.


18:30h – 20:00h

Discussion: GEOLOGY IN THE SERVICE OF SOCIETY, with the participation of Mr. Antoni Roca, director of the Geological Institute of Catalonia; Mr. Josep Ma. Niñerola, head of the Special Unit for Planning and Coordination Hydrological of the Catalan Water Agency, Mr.. Joan Escuer, president of the Professional Association of Geologists of Catalonia, Mr. Roger Mata, a member of Geologists of the World and Mr. Jordi Montaner, manager of GEOSERVEI, consulting company.

20:00h– 20:30h

Opening of the exhibition “The Art of Geology: a scientific vision, an artistic interpretation”. Show of photography and painting. A “marriage” by Josep Estela (geologist) and Maria Oms (painter).




Workshop “Geologia i gestió municipal”. 16-17 September 2010.


Thursday, September 16

Opening of the Conference. With the participation of Dr. Anna Ma. Geli, Rector of the UdG, Mr. Antoni Roca, Director of the Geological Institute of Catalonia, and Mr. David Brusi , director of the center GEOCAMB

Usefulness of Geological Mapping at municipal level. By Dr. Xavier Berastegui, Assistant coach of the Geological Institute of Catalonia

We have a problem: the active geological processes. By Dr. Carles Roqué, a researcher of GEOCAMB

The low enthalpy geothermal energy: a clean energy from the Earth to everyone. By Mr. Albert Pujadas , Chief of the Division of Geothermal Energy, CECAM.


Friday, September 17

Geological heritage and urban environments. By Dr. Juan José Durán Valsero, Head of Area of Environmental Quality and Geological Processes, Geological and Mining Institute of Spain

Hydrogeology and water management in the municipal context. By Dr. Mireia Iglesias, Head of the Special Unit for the Coordination of Groundwater ,Catalan Water Agency.


[Download the key-speakers presentations, GeoloMUN – Resums]



a) Montserrat Badia, District Council of Osona: Studies of nitrate pollution in the area of Osona.

b) Joan Solà, Geoservei, SL: Study of geological risk and planning in Estartit.

c) Jordi Ferrer, Lithos, SL: The Carmel between two waters: study of infiltration in buildings in Carmel.

d) Esther Vilanova, Amphos 21: Assessment of water pollution in urban areas.

e) Jaume Homs, Navata City Council: Waste management in municipalities and rural farmers.

f) Xavi Vila and Albert Cicrés, Council of Banyoles:

g) Martí Fonalleres , City of Calonge: Study of seawater intrusion by pumping at San Antoni.

h) Lluís Motjé, Consortium of the Crosa de Sant Dalmai: Management of field geology at the Crosa volcanic area.

Closure of the conference. With the participation of Dr. Victòria Salvadó, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, UdG, and Mr. Joan Escuer, President of the Professional Association of Geologists of Catalonia.


Presentations [pdf].

Berastegui – Utilitat de la Cartografia Geològica a escala municipal. [1 Berastegui]

Roqué – Tenim un problema: els processos geològics actius. [2 Roque]

Pujades – La geotèrmia de baixa entalpia: un energia neta de la Terra a l’abast de tothom. [3 Pujades]

Durán Valsero – Geodiversidad y Patrimonio geológico en entornos urbanos. [4 Duran Valsero]

Iglesias – Hidrogeologia i gestió de l’aigua en el context municipal. [5 Iglesias]





Geolodia 2011: From the depths of the Earth to the sea.


A “Geolodia” is a celebration of the Earth Sciences through one of its most attractive facets: a field trip led by geologists. The Geolodia is an activity addressed to audiences of all ages, free. It is done in places with outstanding geological environment, and provides information at educational level. Allows pepople to view these sites with “geological eyes”and discover some aspects of minerals, rocks and Earth forms in the landscape of our country. It is also a way to raise awareness about the importance and need to protect our geological heritage.

Geocamb invites you to a  S’Agaró way round on Sunday, 8 May 2011.


The origin of “Geolodies”

In recent years, Geolodies have been held around the state. The origin of this initiative lies in the province of Teruel, where in 2005, organized by the Instituto de Estudios Turolenses, geologists began the celebration of Aragon Geolodias”. Gradually, other provinces joined in this initiative, and in 2009 took place a Geolodia in Segovia, Valencia, Guadalajara, Teruel, Zaragoza, Huesca and Alicante, an initiative being supported by the Geological Society of Spain (SGE), The Spanish Association for the Teaching of Earth Sciences (AEPECT), and the Geological and Mining Institute of Spain (IGME), and at a regional level, by the Geological Institute of Catalonia.

In 2010, Geolodias were held in 36 Spanish provinces and more than 5300 people participated. The announcement of 2011 has established the proposed activities and events have been organized in each of the 50 Spanish provinces.


The itinerary for geological coastal trail S’Agaró.

The coastal trail is a path in S’Agaró, flat foot, that follows the course of the  rocky coastline that stretches from the beaches of Sant Pol to Sa Conca. It is a privileged spot on the Costa Brava, where the central granitic geology gives the landscape a special morphology. The ease of access to rocky outcrops located beside the sea, the lack of vegetation and soil cover and lithological diversity make this walk a very interesting place for the teaching of geology. One may identify different types of igneous rocks, see the relationships between them and enjoy the sea and other forms geological processes have shaped over it.

The route proposed is structured in 5 stops chosen among the most representative places of the route. To join the Geolodia, organized groups of about 15 or 20 people will travel together the way round, from the corner of S’Agaró till Sa Conca beach. At each stop there will be multiple displays that explain the most important aspects to be observed.


The activity, held on Sunday, 8 May 2011, attended by about 150 people.

Download trip brochure and documentation:  [GEOLODIA Camí de Ronda de S’Agaró]


Organized by:

Centre Geocamb (Universitat de Girona)


See TV spot at Espai Terra / TV3 (date 06.05.2011): [link: Espai Terra – TV3 / Podcast: Geolodia – TV3]


Workshop “Aprofitament energètic de la geotèrmia de baixa temperatura”. 13th december 2011


Conference opening. With the participation ofgeolo/MUN Dr. Anna Ma. Geli, Rector of the UdG; Mr. Antoni Roca, Director of the Geological Institute of Catalonia (IGC) and Mr. David Brusi, Director of the GEOCAMB center


Energía Geotérmica de baja entalpía: potencial y perspectivas”. By Celestino García de la Noceda, head of technical projects at Research Department of Geological Resources of IGME, Instituto Geológico y Minero de España


L’energia geotermica de baixa i molt baixa temperatura a Catalunya. By Carme Puig, IGC


El estudio de viabilidad en los proyectos geotérmicos de baja entalpía: aspectos geológicos e hidrogeológicos. By Íñigo Arrizabalaga, TELUR, Geotermia y Agua, S.A.


Captadors i intercanviadors de calor. By Rubén Díaz, Bioenergy and Geothermal Applications manager. REHAU industries, S.A.


La bomba de calor geotèrmica. By Roberto Jares, prescription manager at CLIVET España, S.A.


Aerogeotèrmia: una alternativa al confort i l’estalvi. By Joan Escuer, GTA, Geoconsultores Técnicos y Ambientales


“La geotermia en el marco del Plan de Energías Renovables (2011-2020)”. By Pablo Gosálvez Vega, IDAE, Instituto para la Diversificación y Ahorro de la Energía


Rendibilitat econòmica de l’energia geotèrmica. By Antoni Barón, ESADE professor, Universitat Ramon Llull


“Visión a 2030 y Agenda Estratégica de Investigación de la Geotermia Somera en España”. By Íñigo Arrizabalaga, head of GEOPLAT, Plataforma Tecnológica Española de Geotermia




Conference closing. With the participation of Pere Condom, General Director at Parc Científic i Tecnològic, and Joan Escuer, President of the Official College of Geologists of Catalonia.


[Download presentations at Ponències / Fòrum]

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