General @en / 18 June 2012

A study funded by a local institution is published in Hydrological Processes

The researchers Geocamb, in a transfer agreement with the City of Calonge, assessed the condition of water withdrawals near the coast associated with the construction of building basements in Sant Antoni de Calonge. Groundwater, pumping becomes necessary in order to deepen one or two level basements in new buildings causing soil settlements, sometimes damageing neighboring buildings, and generating local episodes of seawater intrusion marine that changes groundwater quality and increases its corrosive potential on building foundations. The technical report submitted to the City of Calonge was considered in the development plan and in reviewing permits for new buildings.

The publication in the journal Hydrological Processes, entitled “Anticipating the effects of groundwater withdrawal on Seawater intrusion and soil settlement in urban coastal areas”, presents the problem description, field data and a new methodology to predict the effects of pumping in coastal areas on the quality of hydrological resources, associated with increased salinity, and on the stability of buildings near the coastline affected by the decline of groundwater level.

Hydrological Processes is a journal with an impact factor in 2,068 of the Water Resources section of the Science Citation Index, and located on the site 10 of 75 (1st quartile) referenced publications.

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